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Sunshine Solar Technologies Service Locations

Other Service Locations:

Sunshine Solar Technologies services and installs solar pool heating systems in the Tri-State Area.

If you do not see your exact town listed that is only because we didn’t list every location in the Tri-State area.  Please feel to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you, even if your location is not listed above.

Sunshine Solar Technologies will:

Analyze your pool heating options

Recommend the best solution—solar, electric or gas

Install your system in one day
So You Can:

Swim May-September in a warm pool

Save Thousands

Protect the environment

Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

  • Zero operating costs – Renewable energy from the sun heats your pool, so no additional energy is needed.
  • Double your Swim Season – Swim from May through September.
  • Ready when you are – Other heaters can take hours or days to heat the pool. Solar automatically operates (for free!) whenever your regular pool pump is running.
  • Maintenance free – Heliocol panels are built to last for 25 years or more, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Clean power – Solar heating systems emit no air pollution.
  • $0 due upfront. Go solar now, with no money down, low interest financing options.

10 Year Pool Heater Operating Costs*

SolarGas/OilElectric Heat Pump
Annual Fuel Cost Average$0$3,500$1,300
Life Span25-30 Years5-8 Years8-12 Years
Replacement Cost$0$3,500- $7,000$4,000- $5,500
Total Operating Cost After 10 Years Including Average Replacement Cost$0$35,000$18,000
Full Warranty Period Including Labor1212
*Assumes pool maintained at 83 degrees from mid-May to mid-September. **Assumes 3% annual fuel price increase. ***Assumes gas/oil heater replaced after 7 years and electric heater replaced after 10 years.