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Solar Pool Heaters in Norwalk, CT


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Installing a solar energy system is a significant financial investment. Earning a good return on this investment requires a system that is professionally installed and well maintained. It is important that you choose an installation company with a strong local presence and the resources to provide responsive, professional service over the life of your solar energy system. If you live in Norwalk, Connecticut, give us a call or visit our Free Estimates page and complete the form. We will contact you promptly to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

Sunshine Solar Technologies will:

Analyze your pool heating options

Recommend the best solution—solar, electric or gas

Install your system in one day
So You Can:

Swim May-September in a warm pool

Save Thousands

Protect the environment

Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

  • Zero operating costs – Renewable energy from the sun heats your pool, so no additional energy is needed.
  • Double your Swim Season – Swim from May through September.
  • Ready when you are – Other heaters can take hours or days to heat the pool. Solar automatically operates (for free!) whenever your regular pool pump is running.
  • Maintenance free – Heliocol panels are built to last for 25 years or more, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Clean power – Solar heating systems emit no air pollution.
  • $0 due upfront. Go solar now, with no money down, low interest financing options.

10 Year Pool Heater Operating Costs*

SolarGas/OilElectric Heat Pump
Annual Fuel Cost Average$0$3,500$1,300
Life Span25-30 Years5-8 Years8-12 Years
Replacement Cost$0$3,500- $7,000$4,000- $5,500
Total Operating Cost After 10 Years Including Average Replacement Cost$0$35,000$18,000
Full Warranty Period Including Labor1212
*Assumes pool maintained at 83 degrees from mid-May to mid-September. **Assumes 3% annual fuel price increase. ***Assumes gas/oil heater replaced after 7 years and electric heater replaced after 10 years.

How it Works:

  1. Using your existing pool pump, swimming pool water is directed through a series of valves to your pool solar panels.
  2. Pool water enters the solar panels at the bottom and rises to the top through the individual tubes.
  3. As the water rises through the solar panels, it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy.
  4. The water is then returned to the pool to repeat the cycle until your pool has been warmed by the sun.

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