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Electric Heat Pump

Swim longer, swim warmer, lower bills

Why heat your pool with an electric heat pump?

  • Extend your swim season:Maximize the enjoyment of your swimming pool investment!
  • Save money:Use nature’s free heat to warm your pool at a fraction of the cost of gas or oil heaters.
  • Enjoy worry-free operation:Electric heat pumps last much longer than conventional pool heaters and come without the guilt of burning several hundred dollars per day on gas or oil.

Why do we choose AquaCal electric pool heat pumps?

Although we can source any brand of pool heat pump, we choose to be an authorized AquaCal dealer for the following reasons:

  • AquaCal is the largest pool heat pump manufacturer in the world and has been making top quality units since 1981
  • AquaCal pool heat pumps are the most efficient and quietest units on the market
  • AquaCal units feature the patented ThermoLink™ titanium heat exchanger that is imperious to water chemistry damage (ordinary heat exchangers are made from a cupronickel alloy)
  • AquaCal offers the best warranty in the industry and has factory trained service technicians in the Northeast (unlike most other manufacturers)

How does a heat pump work?

Pool heat pumps apply the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools. A heat pump pulls nature’s ‘free’ heat from the air and transfers it to your swimming pool water. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not to create it! This is why it is significantly less expensive gas or oil.

How can Sunshine Solar help find the right AquaCal unit for me?

  1. Call 888-720-7652 toll free to schedule a FREE on-site solar analysis.
  2. A pool heating expert will visit your home to measure your pool and evaluate shading, pool equipment, and other performance factors. The technician will also discuss your preferred swimming temperature and usage patterns.
  3. Using our software program, we will present a customized, in-home analysis that will show your recommended heat pump size, installation cost, operating cost, and savings.